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Construction steps


The great experience and manual abilities of the “brianzola” carpentry in addition to the technological innovations of these last years: the new italian industry, between tradition and future.

Our details are rigorously made in Italy
To realize important structures of high aesthetics and of absolute quality, every detail has o be perfect. Every design and operation phase meets the requirements of high professionally: the quality is born from the culture of the work. We deeply trust italian work, made up of talent, genius and beauty. We believe in creativity and the capacity to solve any problem; we know we can count on the manual abilities of our artisans, elaborated through the course of the years and, for this reason, appreciated all over the world. We appreciate the italian know-how and we interpret it through the execution of all the activities under our direct control. Because every detail tells who we are, and our details are rigorously made in Italy.

Quality is born from manual dexterity
Many processing steps presuppose the possession of manual skills. Both in the preparation and realization stages of the process, we use manpower with a high level of competence and experience.

Quality is born from technology
In our activity, the development of specific technical skills and the use of new technologies represent a factor of success.
The experimentation and innovation concerns many aspects of our work, from the ones linked to the use of determined raw materials to the ones more strictly connected to the organizational realm: among the fundamental tasks is the implementation of new technologies.