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The high quality of the productive processes, the health and safety of those who work for us. A wealth of knowledge and manual abilities which deserves great respect and is certified. Consonni International Contract S.r.l. has always characterized its relationship with its interlocutors on the base of utmost fairness.
The attention to the qualitative themes of the productive process and the health and safety of its human resources represents one of the company’s strong points, committed to these values both on the organization and the financial levels. To always make the company philosophy (health and safety) clear and shared, the company is finalizing the renewal of the management system certification “UNI EN ISO 9001:2008” and of the system for managing health and safety of workers “BS OHSAS 18001:2007”.

These are norms of international resonance which give the company’s organization additional visibility on the market. The purpose of the “UNI EN ISO 9001” norm is to manage the principal company processes in the best way possible, through the coordination of each phase; from the supply of raw materials to the production controls, from managing the orders to making sure to guarantee the satisfaction of the clients requests and wishes. The “OHSAS 18001” (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) was published by the British Standards Institution the 1st of July, 2007. It is recognized internationally as the official standard regarding health and safety and it is fundamental because it considers the ways in which a company prevents the risks which could arise from its activities with the objective of optimizing the company performance.

The norms make up an instrument that allows to realize quality as a strategic goal and to secure it to the market in which Consonni S.r.l. operates, through the demonstration of the capacity to satisfy the needs considered.
All this has been realized not only with the cooperation of the entire staff that operates in the company, but also thanks to the consultancy support of “MTM Consulting S.r.l.” in Monza and to the certifying Entity “ICILA S.r.l.” in Lissone.